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Menstruation Calendar ♪ Selene


♥ Number one easy-to-use * menstrual period prediction application ♥Record the first day of your period with only one touch!Predict accurately the period date ・ovulation date ・possible conception date. ★彡Predict your period easily with ease. ♪Selene is an application like this!
♥ A design that does not look like a period prediction application ♥As there are no words that refer to it directly in the application,it is okay even if it is seen by others!It is an application that is mindful of a girl's feelings. ♡
♥ A home screen that shows the predicted date ♥With one look, you will know the number of days to the next estimated period date and the date itself. ♪
♥ See the ovulation date and possible conception date clearly ♥In the calendar view, the "estimated period date", "ovulation date", and possibility of "conception" are displayed as icons clearly. ★Make various arrangements and holiday plans easily. ♪
♥ Record the condition of your body and events with stamps ♥You can record your mood for the day, condition of your body, and events, etc., with cute stamps. ヾ(*・ω・)ノ
♥ Record your weight for your diet too ♥Period and diet are closely linked to each other. >< You can record your weight daily. ♪
♥ Know your body's rhythm every day ♥It is difficult being a girl as you feel angry before your period and pimples pop up. (;ω;)Feel at ease as Selene notifies you of the condition of your body according to the menstrual cycle. ♡It is perfect for dieting as you will also know when it is easy to slim down. ★
♥ Notification of alert of the estimated date ♥"It came suddenly even though I will be notified of the estimated date(;ω;)" - such a thing will not happen so feel at ease. ★What's more! You can tailor the notification message, so you will not feel embarrassed even if others see the notification. o(・Д・o*)You can also choose to receive notification a few days before easily. ♡
♥ Feel safe with the password function ♥Protect the information that you don't want others to see!
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